Make Decisions In Slack

Make faster, better decisions together.

Decision making is hard.

Doing it remotely and asynchronously in Slack is even harder. Our company has been working that way since day one, and we’ve noticed some patterns:

  • Endless debates and threads with no conclusion.
  • Decisions we already made getting revisited and questioned.
  • Colleagues that are unaware of important decisions.
  • Passive aggressive suggestions that use the royal we (e.g. “We should…”).
  • Searching for decisions that were made… but where?

That’s why we built DecisionBot by Murmur.

It’s a quick and easy way to make collaborative decisions in Slack.

Type /murmur to make a proposal to a channel or specific colleagues. Or let the bot help you detect when a decision is needed using the power of AI.

Questions? Email us at