June 9, 2021

What is the Murmur Method?

There are a lot of cool things about Murmur - templates, public agreements, automated feedback - but we think the Murmur Method is truly the bee’s knees. It’s designed to guide a team to consent (not consensus!) on an agreement, just like a live facilitator would, except it’s automated and fully asynchronous. In this age of remote work, we believe it could be a game changer for helping teams define how they work together, faster and more inclusively. 

The Murmur Method has three rounds: 

  • Understand: Participants ask questions to gain clarity on the content of a proposed agreement. This is not a time to make suggestions (patience, young padawan). The proposer then answers participants’ questions, which participants will have a chance to review at the beginning of the Improve round. 
  • Improve: Participants make suggestions (woohoo!). But, this isn’t the seemingly endless suggestion loop that you may have experienced in other tools. This is participants’ one and only chance to suggest changes. Participants will also log a reaction to give the proposer an overall impression of how they feel about the agreement. The proposer then has the opportunity to edit the agreement and respond to participant suggestions before asking for final consent. 
  • Decide: Participants review changes to the agreement and responses to suggestions. They’re then asked to either consent to the agreement as written, or object if they truly don’t feel it’s “safe to try.” If they choose to object, participants will go through an “objection test” to make sure they understand what a valid objection looks like (hint: “I just don’t like it” isn’t going to cut it). If they still wish to object, they can, and the agreement will head back to the proposer for further edits and another request for consent.

Check out this video to see the Murmur Method in action.