Three podcasts to help you see the bigger picture

October 18, 2022
Podcasts are coming back in full force, and are more popular than ever! Dive into three of our favorite podcasts to learn more about the future of work.
Janjira Sun

Remember when podcasts used to be radio shows or music playlists and then they kind of died but then they came back? From self-care to true crime — these days, there’s a podcast for everyone! 🙌

At Murmur, we know a thing or two about podcasts. In this article, we’ll go over some of our favorites to help you gain perspective on work-life balance and the future of work. 😌

Brave New Work ✨

The BNW podcast expands on the concepts from Aaron’s book, bringing the fire with counterintuitive takes to common problems at work. From burnout to organizational planning to analyzing how Patagonia came to be, this weekly podcast will help you connect the dots between work, life, and how it all comes together in one big OS. ☝️

Some of our favorite episodes:

Reset with Liz Tran 💭

We often get sucked into the “reality” of professional work, and chasing the idea of financial stability only leads us to stress, longer work hours, and burnout. Liz Tran is an executive coach within the tech space, and her podcast aims to teach us about the importance of connecting spiritual practices within our professional lives to lead a more meaningful, fulfilling life.

Some of our favorite episodes:

How to Build a Happy Life 🧠

The term “happiness” has been convoluted into something that is obtained when we plan, strategize, and prepare for the future (AKA, we’re not allowed to be happy until we do x). In this how to series by The Atlantic, you’ll explore what it means to be happy, how to get there, and how reality’s perception of obtaining happiness is fooling you. 🤡

Some of our favorite episodes:

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