Putting the Fun in Decision-Making ✨

October 18, 2022
During our private beta in 2021, we wanted to help startups make private work agreements public. Now, we’re focused on making decisions fun again.
Janjira Sun

We’ve all heard the phrase “build in public,” but what does that actually mean? In 2021, we were focused on sharing existing policies and agreements with early-stage founders so that they could personalize and implement them within their own team. This meant they would be able to allocate more time building, and less time on administrative duties.

Over the last year, we’ve learned so much from founders and those who work to build teams and realized: in order to even share those necessary policies and agreements, there needs to be a better way to make collaborative decisions, without the meeting.

At Murmur, we strongly believe that everyone on a team has a voice and the right to make a decision that will ultimately affect their work, no matter their role. Say goodbye to the days when your higher-ups make a decision you don’t agree with! 👋

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Wanna just make a f#@%ing decision? Don’t make it a meeting. Make it in Murmur.
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