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Murmur is a collaborative platform where teams create, test, scale, and share working agreements for everything from a new meeting format, to an important process, to roles and rights within the team itself.

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The way we’re working

isn’t working.

Our inability to overcome these tensions make work harder than it has to be. Remote work is only making it harder.

Oscar Khan
1:37 PM
It’s never clear who gets to make decisions 😡
Olivia Jacobs
3:04 PM
We have to get permission to do anything!!!
Eva Calvert
3:04 PM
We never take risks because failure is unacceptable.
Tyler Baez
10:01 AM
We’re growing too fast to not have any processes.
Olivia Jacobs
1:43 PM
we can’t be real with one another
Oscar Khan
4:20 PM
We “care” about diversity but our actions say otherwise
Oscar Khan
10:28 AM
Our processes get in the way of doing real work
Tyler Baez
10:32 AM
We’re spending all our time on the wrong things
Olivia Jacobs
3:49 PM
I’m in so many meetings I can never get real work done
Eva Calvert
4:12 PM
I have no idea what our priorities actually are

Murmur takes your team from


to a better way through the magic of agreements.

Agreements are consent-driven collaborative documents that detail how a team agrees to work together. Teams that make agreements, keep, and share agreements are more effective.

Go from a blank page to something

everybody loves

in five simple steps.


Anyone on your team can draft and propose an agreement.

Start from scratch, use a template, or copy a public agreement and make it your own.


Everyone has a chance to ask questions.

Before we criticize, let’s take a moment to understand what’s on the table and why.


Now it’s time for suggestions.

How can we make the agreement better, safer, or more inclusive? The the proposer has a chance to refine and revise.


Is it safe to try?

This is where we flip the script on the usual top down approach. Everyone on the team has the right to consent or object. But we don’t get stuck. Objections become resolutions and teams move forward.


Everyone can see what is working and what isn’t.

Each agreement has its own feedback rhythm, pulsing the team on followthrough and satisfaction. When an agreement expires, the team is prompted to make a choice to refresh, renew, or retire it.

Features that

keep your ideas moving.

Move through a proven process

Murmur guides teams through a proven process that is inclusive, safe, and fast. It was designed with remote teams and busy teams in mind, so it keeps things moving asynchronously.

Stop reinventing the wheel

Murmur provides templates for every major agreement type and offers access to public agreements from some of the world’s most famous teams. No more blank page anxiety.

Keep what works, ditch what doesn’t

Test and scale breakthrough practices and behaviors. Murmur lets you see what’s working and what isn’t. The system collects and radiates feedback constantly—pushing teams to get better every day.

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