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Scale your culture with Murmur:
a collaborative decision-making tool that gives everyone the power to make work better.
No meetings required.
Neel Tanna 5:30PM
Our new onboarding process rocks! We should always do it this way.
Mark Scout 10:10 AM
Our team time is so great. How can we connect more regularly?
Olivia Jacobs 3:04 PM
Our docs are so out of date they’re virtually useless. What can we do about that?

Murmur is more than a document editor.

It's a process, optimized for input and decision-making.
Go from ideas 👉 proposals 👉 agreements—in just a few minutes a day.

Murmur helps your whole team make better, faster decisions.

Elevate everyone’s ideas

People burnout and quit when they don’t believe things will change.

Invite your team to propose and activate solutions to the issues they care about most — so everyone is involved in making change happen.

Move forward faster

Waiting around for consensus leaves your team... waiting around.

Align your team through a 3-round process that asks everyone: “Is this safe to try?” — so even when you disagree, you can still make progress together.

Keep decisions fresh

No one should have to deal with outdated shit.

Set an expiration date, collect feedback, and propose changes to agreements — so your team is constantly learning and consistently improving.

Wait... what are agreements?

Agreements are collaborative documents that align teams on things like roles, norms, and processes. Really, anything that clarifies how you want to work together — that’s an agreement!
🤝  Consent
How we make decisions together
Retreat Planner
Inspire new ideas and meaningful connections
DAOs: Conflict Transformation
Communicating with honesty and care
Clear, principled communication practices
Product Engineer
Clearly defined role for building customer facing software
Pull Request Process
Shipping code in a safe, fast way
Loom Love
A ritual for shares consciousness
An ongoing conversation with our audience
DAOs:  Transparency
How we share information
DAOs: Leaving Gracefully
Helping members exit well

With Murmur...

Process: three rounds to a safe-to-try decision
Time limit: the process moves on with or without the laggards
Expiration: refresh, renew, or retire on your chosen rhythm
Learning: collect feedback and propose changes when ready
Focus: a single source of truth for your way of working

With existing tools...

No process: just a jumbled mess of comment chaos
No time limit: chase people until you give up or they do
No expiration: agreements pile up and become document debt
No learning: never look back to see how things turned out
No focus: agreements get lost in a sea of documentation

Murmur plays well with others.

With so many tools, it’s easy to miss what matters. That’s why Murmur integrates with the products you already use and the workflows that power them.

Never miss an important decision again.

Decentralization without constraints is just chaos

Frens, building a DAO is hard. You need clarity and coherence, but not at the expense of creativity and emergence.

Voting will only get you so far. You need a way to distribute authority to the pods, squads, or circles that are unlocking your DAO’s vision.

Agreements are the key.

The future of work has arrived — and it’s here to stay.

Trust us, we literally wrote the book on this stuff.

We’re building Murmur so every team can experiment with how they work together — testing, learning, and scaling new ideas every day.

We hope to see you there.

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